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Adam Salviani is a former writer turned book publisher. He founded Raider Publishing International in 2005 with a group of writers in order to create a more just system for publishing. Raider Publishing International has several locations around the world. Salviani was a professional novelist who was shocked at the way in which other publishing companies treated writers and novelists. Instead of sitting around complaining and whining, Adam Salviana decided to do something about it. He took matters into his own hands and formed a publishing company which would suit his view of what publishing should be.

Salviani was led down this road after traveling all over the world, to seven countries on two continents, to promote his book. Unfortunately, he received only eight percent of the royalties. Despite the book’s success in the market, Salviani did not experience the same success because of the publisher’s claiming of 92% of the profits. Furthermore, his publisher did nothing to arrange or pay for the promotional events he did. So while Mr. Salviani was paying expenses out of pocket, he received only 8% of book sales in return—a pretty crummy deal. This experience was formative to the development and launch of Raider Publishing International in 2005. It is now the only publishing company in existence that offers writers more than 50% of royalties.

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